Elkomponenter för elbilskonvertering finns tex i EV West´s katalog

EV West har ett stort utbud av elektriska bildelar, elmotorer, controllers, elkonverteringskit och laddstationslösningar för ditt elfordon eller din elbilskonvertering. Från elmotorer och controllers till laddare, kablar och kompletta elkonverteringssatser till många bilmodeller. EV West har en lågprisgaranti och den tekniska personalen kan säkerställa rätt produkter för ditt elfordon eller ditt elbilsprojekt.

EvWest katalog

Elmotor NetGain HyPer 9 DHV AC System på 130hp DIN (Klicka på bilder)

Motoreffekt Nominell 88kW, max 95,5kW (130hp).
Vridmoment 220Nm 0-3600 varv/min.
Max RPM 8000 varv/min.
Max spänning 80V.
Nominell spänning 144V, max 180V.
Vikt 54kg.


This system has many unique features that set it apart from any other EV solution on the market.

The Drive End (DE) shaft is 1.125" in diamter with a 1/4" keyway.

Controller HyPer-Drive X144

Controller 1

Equipped with the latest technology in power electronics, our HyPer-Drive X144 Controller can drive SRIPM motors in a wide range of applications up to 85kw peak power. The X1 is the only controller capable of powering the SRIPM technology in our HyPer 9DHV  Motor. The X144 can also be configured to control most AC Induction and Permanent Magnet motors. This Compact unit serves two functions:

  1. Controller - We refer to the Low Voltage Logic Module as the Controller. The K1 Wire Harness receives and transmits data for Throttle, Brake, Direction, Power Limits, Rotor Position, etc. See the X144 Technical Manual for more capabilities and specifications. See the HyPer 9HV System User Manual for default wiring and programming.
  2. Inverter - We refer to the High Voltage Power Module as the Inverter. The DC Supply connects to B+ & B- terminals where it is inverted to 3 Phase AC for the U,V, & W Terminals to drive the HyPer Motor. This Inverter can also be programmed as a Slave to an external Control Unit, which takes responsibility from the Controller's Logic Module. 

NetGain HyPer 9 DHV AC System 156V Performance

Controller 2

Kontrollpanel SME Compact Display för HyPer-Drive X144


The SME Compact Display is an optional add-on component for any HyPer-Drive X144  controller/Inverter. The immediate EV capabilities of this LCD Compact Display include:


Contactors- För X144 Controller/Inverters

The HyPer 9HV Integrated System™ (IS) includes the Gigavac GV200PA-1 Main Contactor. It has a 12V Externally Economized Coil which is required by the HyPer-Drive X144™ Controller/Inverter.

 We offer the GV200QA-1, GV200PA-1, and GV200MA-1 (12V Internally Economized Coil) as separate or replacement items as well.

Samsung INR Litium-Jon Batterier 20R


Thunderstruck EV 2500 Charger and Progr. CAN Bus Charge Controller


Siemens VersiCharge Gen 2 EVSE Level 2 Charging Station 40 Amps


Siemens 2

Vacuumpump till Girling 1 och 2-krets bromsservo


Produkt 1

Produkt 2

Elektrisk gaspedal potentiometer

Produkt 3

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